The Five Fund Forum: The Five Fund Forum is an opportunity for institutional investors, family offices, investment advisors, and foundations to meet impact and sustainable funds.  The Forum is a half-day event and occurs twice a year in the spring and in the fall.   The event showcase fund managers in the diverse sectors. The event is structured to include group presentations and one-on-one meetings to maximize attendees ability to interact with fund managers.  Click here to see the schedule of the next event.
Impact Capitalism Summit Event Series:  The Impact Capitalism Summits are a landmark event which annually attracts over 500 participants from family offices, foundations, global wealth investment firms, investment advisors, fund managers, government, companies and service providers representing one of the largest gatherings of investable assets focused on Impact Investing in the world.  The two-day Summits are held annually in April in Chicago, July in Nantucket, and October in LondonIt was the first national gathering to take a portfolio approach to Impact Investing focused on institutional investors deploying capital across asset classes for return and impact.   The conference program is built around five key asset classes – Public Equity, Public Debt, Private Equity, Private Debt, and Direct Investments - showing how institutional investors can make money and have impact.  This Summits provides a rich environment for learning as well as business development opportunities with peers.
Big Path Capital has organized over 50 impact investor events convening global networks of institutional investors with the expressed goal of mainstreaming impact investing.  Big Path has created three unique event series:  Impact Capitalism Summits, Five Fund Forum, and Impact Train Stop Tour.
New Ways of Thinking About Liquidity:  Enduring Growth & Preserving Mission and Values.  This gathering is for CEO’s of operating companies looking for ways to protect their mission through their company’s critical financial transactions.   Founders and CEOs of sustainable and impact companies are in search of liquidity options that don’t jeopardize their company’s core purpose. The introduction of outside capital whether a minority or majority liquidity represents a vulnerable decision point that can have permanent effects on the mission, future, and legacy of a company. The session will highlight exit / liquidity options for impact CEO’s with a special focus on how to preserve mission through your company’s most important financial transactions. The session will include a panel of CEO’s who have forged an alternative path to create liquidity and preserve mission.
Impact Across America: The Impact Across America is a half-day educational event to advance the impact investing discussion locally, regionally, and beyond. The Train Stop Tour stops in cities across the country convening a series of conversations around how impact investors can contribute to the long-term health and prosperity within their respective regions.  The train stop tour is designed for family offices, family principals, and private foundations & executive staff directly involved in investment decision-making, who are exploring new ways to align assets and mission.   Click here to see if our next event is coming to a city near you.
MO Summit:  MO is an invitation-only, two-day summit convening C-suite leaders who are scaling high-growth, positive-impact companies using the power and creativity of business.  It

Businesses are growing rapidly, achieving scale, and generating profits by creating solutions to the world’s pressing social and environmental issues.

This is our momentum. Capitalism is our engine. Customer transactions are our opportunity. Profit and the pursuit of a better tomorrow are our purpose.
-- Nantucket - 18-19 July 2018
-- Zurich - 7-8 November 2018
-- Denver TBD
Impact Capitalism Summits
Five Fund Forums
Other Events the Big Path Capital team are attending
-- Atlanta - TBD
-- Boulder - TBD
-- Detroit - TBD
-- Indianapolis - June 2018
-- St Louis - TBD
Impact Across North America
New Ways of Thinking About Liquidity for Founders & CEO's
-- New Dates to be announced soon
MO Summit
-- New dates to be announced soon
-- 22nd Five Fund Forum - Boston - 17 May 2018
-- 23rd Five Fund Forum - 24-27 September 2018
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Big Path Capital Education - Smarter Money Review - Diversity
Big Path Capital was founded in 2007 in response to the old economy driven by the single gear of profit maximization reaching a dead end.  It was a moment of reckoning during which Big Path Capital was formed to advance an expansive economy built on natural, social, and financial capital. This new path, conducting business for profit and impact, represents the largest investment opportunity of our era.

Today, Big Path Capital is a leading boutique impact financial services firm delivering the most effective, efficient and successful capital raising experience and merger/acquisition services for impact focused companies, funds and investors.   Below are Big Path's four core services:

Companies:  assists owners in business sales and in equity and debt capital raising
Funds:  provides capital raising services to private fund managers
Convenings: organizes several marquee events for impact investors
Education:   curates and aggregates top impact research and content to facilitate easy access around impact themes and topics
CONTACT US - Attendee?  Potential Sponsor?  Questions?  Get in touch.
CONTACT US - Attendee?  Potential Sponsor?  Questions?  Get in touch.
The presentations given by fund managers at the Summit do not constitute an offering of securities. Such an offer may only be made in compliance with disclosure and delivery requirements under applicable, securities laws and will be limited to prescribed categories of investors. Some of the Presenters have paid Big Path Capital a fee to present. If any attendee at the event enters into a relationship with anyone met at this event, including without limitation, any presenter, and regardless of the nature of the subsequent relationship, including, without limitation, as customer, supplier, lender, investor, employee, independent contractor, the attendee does so at her or his own risk and must do their own due diligence as Big Path Capital, LLC and their employees, affiliates, and agents are in no way responsible for any loss suffered by you if the relationship does not work out. Our responsibility is limited to providing a comfortable venue for your education and entertainment at the event. Attendance at this event is your acknowledgement of the foregoing. Authors of the reports in the "The Data Is In" Section have given permission to include the above links.
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